Custom PHP Programming

PHP is probably the software that you have used the most but have never heard of. It drives most of the blogs running today including CNN, Time Warner, People Magazine and Yahoo among many others. We work with our customers to build solutions that meet real world needs. Using PHP based Content Management Systems, we extend capabilities using our programming talent.

We use Smarty PHP Templates and Mootools Javascript framework in our projects.

Custom Wordpress Plugin Configuration

One of the most frequent requests is to extend the capability of Wordpress, the most popular blogging platform on the planet. We have significant experience delivering custom capability exending and integrating social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube and Flickr onto Wordpress. We are also frequent contributors to the Wordpress plugin community.

LAMP Configuration and Management

We have significant experience in building and deploying Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP systems otherwise know as LAMP. LAMP has become the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications. It is the platform of choice for many major websites including Digg, Facebook, Friendster, Sugar CRM, Salesforce and the largest Yahoo.



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