What is a Keyword site?

Kiwibloke.org what is known as a Keyword site, not a top down site. The different is important. In a top down site such as a Corporate website, you start at the home page and work your way down the hierarchy. A keyword site expects traffic from the back doors so to speak, so the navigation takes into account that fact.

A keyword site is designed to draw traffic from different sources, search, tagging, commenting etc to find people with a common interest such as Techcrunch, Boing Boing, Life Hacker and others.

We Do What we Say

We specialize in clean Web 2.0 designs as inspired by the Ruby on Rails founders, 37 Signals. We believe that the design should not get in the way of delivering customers a clear and crisp message. We believe that useability trumps everything, can your prospect find what they are looking for?, Are we using standard navigation elements that enhance the experience?, and are we making it easy for people to find us?.

When considering a website designer partner one of the key considerations is do they understand the environment the website is going to live in? Not only can they build a pretty website, but can they build a relevant website?.

A relevant website is one that can reach your customer, bring them in and engage, then move them to take action.

The Key to Online Success is Relevancy

Building relevancy in the web world takes time and effort.

We do it the old fashioned way. We build a community of interest around your site. Our job is not to deliver you 100,000 16 year olds looking for World of Warcraft credits, our job is to deliver you relevant traffic, people who are interested in what you offer and what you do.

Website is Like Your Reception Area

It is important that your reception office is attractive and a pleasant place to be, but it needs to have a function We believe that you should never sacrifice form for performance and navigation. That is why we are not big on Flash websites. We believe they have a part to play but in moderation. If HTML and Javascript can do the job and deliver the numbers.

What Are the Important Things ?

We have five simple rules we follow:

1. Is it attractive and functional
2. Is it easy to navigate
3. Is it relevant
4. Is it fast
5. Is it fast

The number one complaint we hear is performance of the website. If it does not load quickly then it is of no use to anyone. Fast also means can people get to where they need to go and that means navigation. Can people get to where they need to go with out a lot of fuss and bother. Do we understand what they want can we get it to them, and thirdly (and fourth and fifth) is it fast.

Our Work

Please take a look around Kiwibloke and KiwimusicMix. We have thousands of visitors and 90% do not come through the front page, they may arrive back at the front page, but these people are there for a reason. The Kiwimusicmix has over 16,000 downloads for the podcast. Kiwibloke Video Site has over 250K view, and guess what, they were all looking for video with our specific keywords. These are two examples of keyword sites.

Building an Online Presence is About Engaging Your Customer

For example, you are wanting to promote your business. The traditionally correct way is to build a top down site and try and drive people through the door. That is like opening a restaurant on a side street and hoping people will walk by. Then you submit to search engines (read Yellow Pages) and hope for the best. Okay that may work for a dribble of traffic, but you already know the results.

What a keyword site does is engage people and reach out to them by taking your valuable content, applying extreme makeover and gets it out there into the wild. Using the restaurant analogy, it is like getting people out in your community dropping leaflets, running shows, sponsoring baseball teams etc.

We use Wordpress as the platform to deliver quality content to your community, and as you can see we also host Wordpress blogs. We believe that this is the most flexible and powerful blogging platform available today.



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